Argon Legal for HB Reavis

Argon Legal assisted HB Reavis in the transaction regarding execution of the lease agreement relating to 14 thousand sq. m. of the area in the office building Varso owned by the developer. Works for HB Reavis were coordinated by the team supervised by Slawomir Lisiecki.

The tenant is the American organization building an international network of campuses supporting development of companies – Cambridge Innovation Center. It is involved in pioneer projects in the area of energy, biotechnology, digital economy and materials engineering. CIC in HB Reavis office building will be the second branch of this organization in Europe.

The possibility to represent HB Reavis in such a significant lease transaction is an honor to us. We are happy that negotiations and execution of the agreement were successful and beneficiary for both parties. The success of the transaction is surely a great beginning for the very promising cooperation between HB Reavis and CIC, in which our law firm could take part – says Slawomir Lisiecki, partner in Argon Legal.

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