The Law Firm’s Client’s success – the court confirms the valuer’s responsibility for incorrect valuation of the property for the purpose of determining the perpetual usufruct fee

Argon Legal has represented a client in a finally won case against a property valuer and his insurer for damages caused by this valuer by inflation of the value of a real property in an appraisal, which was a basis for initiation by the municipality of proceedings aiming to increase the annual perpetual usufruct fee.

The damages include the costs and expenses incurred by the client in connection with defence against the unjustified increase of the perpetual usufruct fee, including the costs of counter appraisal, costs of verification of the defective appraisal by a professional body of licensed property valuers and costs of our legal assistance.

We consider this verdict to be a precedent and expect that it will encourage the holders of the perpetual usufruct rights to demand damages in similar cases.

If you have a similar case please contact us.

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